A Conversational AI: A Question-Answering and Companion Bot

This project showcases the work of Denzell Yonah, a Software Engineer with a passion for crafting intelligent and interactive experiences. Here, Yonah designed and developed a chatbot capable of answering a wide range of questions.  This bot extends beyond simple information retrieval, aiming to provide a friendly and engaging user experience that feels more like conversation than a search engine.

Key Features:

- Question Answering: The bot leverages natural language processing techniques to comprehend user queries and deliver informative responses.
- Conversational Skills: The bot is designed to engage in natural conversation, allowing users to ask follow-up questions and explore topics in a more interactive way.
- Companion Functionality (Optional): This section can be expanded upon if the bot has features beyond answering questions, such as remembering user preferences, offering emotional support, or providing entertainment.

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Denzell Yonah


Artificial Intelligence


Mar 11, 2024